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The Library of Congress

Photo Tour of this majestic library

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US Capitol Building

Insiders Docent-Lead Tour

DC Main Attractions Tour

The Best Washington DC Itinerary!

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DC Bus Tours Washington. Separate Tour Guide allows us to get out of shuttle at these stops. Walk around, go inside, and do a lot more (it’s fully guided).

More Tour Details

  • Tour start location

    National Archives Building - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • National Archives Building - See The Constitution!

    National Archives Building - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • US Capitol Building

    US Capitol Building - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Library of Congress

    Capitol Library - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Washington Monument

    Washington Monument - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Top of Washington Monument

    Washington Monument- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • See The Pentagon

    Pentagon aerial - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • World War II Memorial

    WWII Memorial- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Jefferson Memorial

    Jefferson Memorial- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • FDR Memorial

    FDR Memorial- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Martin Luther King Memorial

    Martin Luther King Memorial - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Vietnam Memorial

    Vietnam Memorial - DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Korean War Memorial

    Korean War Memorial- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • Iwo Jima Memorial

    Iwo Jima Memorial- DC Bus Tours Washington
  • White House

    White House - DC Bus Tours Washington

Other Sights you’ll see

  • Arlington Cemetery
  • FBI Building
  • National Archives
  • Union Station
  • Taft Memorial
  • Capitol Office Buildings
  • Washington Mall
  • World War I Memorial
  • Arlington House
  • National Cathedral
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Natural History Museum
  • Bureau of Engraving & Printing
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island
  • Kennedy Center
  • Watergate Complex
  • Georgetown University
  • Naval Observatory
  • Dupont Circle
  • The Pentagon Building
  • 911 Memorial (Pentagon)

Washington DC Bus Tour Benefits

  • Accompanied By Knowledgeable Guides every Step of the way
  • Smaller Climate Controlled Shuttles
  • Separate Tour Guide from Driver
  • Live Narration, no robotic recordings or scripts like other operators
  • Late Tour Departure Start (10am)
  • Capitol Insiders Tour
  • Library Of Congress Photo Tour
  • National Archives Tour (Timed Reservations on weekends)

Why Us?

  • We Nailed This Comprehensive Washington DC Bus Tours ! It’s Simply The Best DC Itinerary!
  • Local Guides operate our tours, but we are known for creating the most comprehensive tours in San Francisco, New York, Napa Valley and DC.
  • Why do a Hopper Tour in 48 Hours when you can cut-the-lines and be done in 9 hours?
  • Worth Repeating: “We Cut-The-Lines?” We do through timed-reservations.
  • Hopper Tours offer affordable time-killing crowded tours, we offer comprehensive, smart itineraries.

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  • Everyday at 10am until 6pm
  • 8 Hours Tour Length


  • $99 Adults
  • $94 Seniors (65+)
  • $89 Children (< 12 years)

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