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US Holocaust Memorial & Museum Tour

Timed-Entry Reserved Pass

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U.S. Holocaust Memorial and Museum Tour — Timed-Entry Reserved Pass

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  • “Riveting!”
  • “Best Museum in America”
  • “Very Powerful”
  • “Extremely Well Done”
  • “Sells Out Weeks in Advance”

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A Piece of History EVERYONE should Experience

Ticket Entry Start Time

  • See the grid below for actual start times per day.

NOTE: We were not able to get the exact time each day to enter the museum. Please check the grid below.


  • $29 Adults
  • $24 Seniors (65+ years)
  • $14 Children (<12 years)

NOTE: The tickets we obtained we’re not free. The museum does offer free tickets, based on availability, but for this purpose, of our company, offering just the ticket without a combined walking or bus tour, they are not free for us.

All DC Shuttle Tickets for the Museum are sold as final.

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